The Symptoms of Adult ADHD

There are many symptoms associated with adult ADHD. In recent years, there has been a significant increase of adults receiving the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It has been discovered that the majority of individuals in the United States and abroad believe that the disorder is one that only affects children.This is actually a misconception. Professionals that focus on teens ADHD have found that at least one third of those that suffer at a young age will also suffer at as an adult too. If you or another adult you know suffers from this condition, it is important to learn as much as possible about the condition.One of the first signs that may indicate a culprit of adult ADHD is difficulty in the area of concentration. Simple tasks such as pay attention to work or others may be an extremely challenging task. Many who experience adult ADHD will discover that they are not content to just perform one task; they have to perform many different ones.Many adults that suffer find that they are very easily distracted. In addition to the symptoms mentioned here, it is also quite possible for the adult to exhibit behaviors that are considered to be impulsive.There are many different theories surrounding what causes adult ADHD. Researchers have determined that there is most likely a genetic link when it comes to the onset of the condition. It is quite common for patients to have relatives that have the condition.In addition to genetics, it has been determined that the structure and functional capabilities of the brain seem to have an impact on whether or not an adult suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. If you feel as if you or another adult that you know is suffering from the symptoms that are associated with adult ADHD, it is important to meet with a specialist as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis.

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Finding an Adult Acne Treatment That Works

Adult onset acne can be embarrassing and awkward. You may have thought you left acne behind as a teen but now you have it as an adult and you’re all stressed out about it.Unfortunately finding an adult acne treatment that works can be a long drawn out process. Treatment for acne can be very hit or miss and it could take you months to determine the best acne solution for you.A lot of different treatments on the market claim to be the best treatment for acne.Since all people are different, each method will work for some and not for others. The cause of your acne is what needs to be treated, not just the symptoms. A magic cure for acne simply doesn’t exist! Don’t let some actress on TV tell you it does.There are things you can do, however, to facilitate your search for an acne solution. The very first thing is finding a way to not be so stressed out about it. Mental and emotional stress can translate to physical illness.In addition to stress some adult onset acne often can be attributed to hormone imbalances. Women in particular are prone to hormone related acne problems, especially after an event like childbirth.Men can have hormonal imbalances as well, but not as much as women. In fact adult acne in general happens much more often in women as in men. Not fair! Well the offset is that adult male acne is usually more severe than adult female acne.Birth control pills work extremely well as an adult acne treatment for women.The low dose of hormones in the birth control pills will often clear acne rapidly and it will remain gone as long as the pills are taken. If birth control is not an option an herbal substitute such as chaste berry will work just as well.Pregnant women should be careful about taking anything, of course, even herbs.For men treatment for acne is most often antibiotics. The bacteria that cause cystic acne can be difficult to vanquish, so an extended round of treatment will probably be needed.Prolonged use of antibiotics can cause additional problems, however, so proceed with caution! Make a point to have your dermatologist tell you what specific antibiotics you have been prescribed.Adult acne treatment requires persistence and dedication. Adult onset acne is just like any other type of acne in that persistence is what pays off.You have to follow a prescribed treatment sometimes for several months before declaring it a failure and moving on to the next one.Trying a new treatment every week won’t get you anywhere. You have to see each treatment through to find the one that actually works and will clear your acne. This can be time consuming but stay with it until you succeed!Keep a daily acne journal to note improvement or deterioration. This can help point you in the right direction.It’s not a comfort to know you’re not alone with your adult onset acne. There are thousands of people with the same condition. But with perseverance and persistence you can find the right adult acne treatment that works for you.

Understanding the Necessary Changes for Adult Education

When a person decides to continue their education beyond high school, many times they will assume that this new education will be similar to the old education they received. The prospective student makes plans to do what they did before. After all, it worked then, so it should work now. This assumption of similarity leads many new adult students so far astray that they cannot modify their behavior, which means they will typically not complete their program of study, and will not receive the desired degree. All from a bad assumption.The Cause of the DifferencesThe reasons high school and adult educations are so different stem from two distinct differences between the two styles of education: the source and the target. When you change the source of the education process, which is the beliefs and assumptions about the student, and the target of the education process, which is the desired level of understanding, it is not unreasonable that the process will change as well.Adult education starts from a very different image of the student than high school. A high school student usually lives at home, with some level of support from parents. A high school student is also relatively free of responsibilities; very seldom does a high school student have a full-time job, a family, and a household to support. And a high school student is typically very inexperienced in running their own lives. Adult students tend to live on their own, with jobs and families and other responsibilities which must be balanced with school. Briefly, high school students are adolescents while adult students are, well, adults.The goal of a high school education is to provide a foundational level of understanding of the world the student will be entering. High school classes are designed for a general population and to provide an understanding of the skills and knowledge that is needed for a new adult. Adult education is designed for a much more focused result, providing a more in-depth understanding of a particular subject matter. This focus means that other skills and other aspects of the student are ignored by the courses of an adult program of study.Implications for the StudentAn adult student must approach their courses with a different mindset, and a different set of behaviors, than a high school student. The adult student is given more control over their behavior, and more responsibility.An adult student is responsible for making sure the work for the class is done, not the teacher. The student will be periodically reminded about missing and upcoming work, but the responsibility for getting the work done is the student’s, not the teacher’s. Many teachers will not allow for late work, or will penalize late work severely. And much of the work of adult classes is done outside of the class.Classes in adult education cover more material in the same period of time. The teacher will often cover the material once or twice with the assumption that any student who does not understand will work outside of class to learn it and/or will come visit the instructor during office hours. While the adult can expect some repetition in the class, it will be significantly less than what they experienced in high school.Adult students need to practice time management to a much greater degree than high school students. This need for time management comes from both the increased work load from the course and from the other facets of the student’s life. Adult students are assumed to handle this time management, and if they are having problems they need to seek the necessary help.Finally, adult students are responsible for their own commitment to the course. High school teachers, given the adolescent nature of their students, are constantly working to get the student to understand why something is studied. This is much less important to an adult teacher; while an adult teacher may provide some justification for the study of certain subjects, the justification for being in school should already be present in an adult student. It is, after all, the student’s choice to attend.Adult education is driven by the student, not the teacher. If a student has the motivation, then they will be successful.